Your own factory

Get your own factory with LeWorks. You decide what you want to focus on and we will do the rest.

Factory space from 200 m2, with two factory workers.

LeWork's cofactory model

LeWorks is a cofactory - like a coworking space but for factories. We provide services for fast growing companies that need flexible factory rental contracts. We also help companies that want to outsource certain parts of the manufacturing, while maintaining the control. In addition to renting out a factory space, we offer factory staffing, equipment leasing with maintenance, sourcing and supply chain and engineering.

LeWorks is a Swedish company, based in China.

1 minute video


Our main offer is the cofactory, for companies that want a greater control of how their products are made, than what outsourcing allows for.


LeWorks offers sourcing services, helping your company find and buy quality parts and products from China.


LeWorks  helps companies develop their products, prototypes and design for manufacturing work.

A word from the CEO

8 minute interview with Rasmus Rasmusson, LeWork's CEO. Answering basic questions about LeWorks and cofactory.

About Changzhou

Learn more about the city where LeWork's factory is located.