The cofactory

Our cofactory is a service for companies that want their own assembly factory without having to manage it. At LeWorks we handle all factory management tasks, leaving you in control of the actual manufacturing work.


Types of workers

The main staff is the assembly worker, manning the manufacturing line together with the QC (Quality Controller). The work is overseen by a production line manager, who reports to you.

Your brand

The staff wears uniforms with your logotype, letting your customers know that you are in control over manufacturing.


The staff report their hours to LeWork’s time reporting system. Via a mobile app you see the reported hours as well as a live camera feed from your factory.

The factory space

Your private space

The factory is divided into segments, giving each tenant their private and secure space.
We use a solution with easily moveable walls, that allows us to quickly change the layout of your factory or simply expand it as you need to grow.

Electronic factory space​

Our electronic factory space has low ceilings and air conditioning. We can also offer dust free areas.

Standard factory space

The standard factory space has 7-10 meter ceilings with different floor thickness, to handle heavy machinery, when needed.